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Tyrone Hayes

Tyrone Hayes: The infamous “gay frog” creating “IDGAF!” Berkley professor, movie star and litigation consultant is now profiled under individuals on Academics Review.

Letter to Dr. Oz Show Producers by Bruce Chassy, PhD

I am compelled to again voice my concerns regarding the potential violation by Dr. Oz of medical ethics and high risk of misrepresentation of human health information by the Dr. Oz Show with regard to GMOs.

Scientists Smell A Rat In Fraudulent Study

Maybe we have reached a turning point where the media will finally realize that they have been played for years by expert professional con-men. Not only was there never any plausible scientific reason to believe that genetically engineered crops posed risks any different from other crops, but hundreds of risk-assessment experiments and vast cultivation and consumption of them provides a high level of confidence about their safety and usefulness.

Academics Review Multimedia Gallery Updated

The Academics Review gallery page was recently updated to include new videos from the website’s Youtube channel, including a video featuring Academics Review co-founder Bruce Chassy.

New Site Pushes Peer-Reviewed Science Over Misinformation launches with point-by-point analysis of Jeffrey Smith’s claims against GM foods and genetic engineering, holding each up to peer-reviewed, international science. The founders, two professors from the United States and Australia, invite other scientists to join the mission.

Food Safety: Focus on Real Risks, Not Fake Ones

Disease microbes, nutrient shortages and lack of access are greatest threats, not biotechnology. Contamination of fish and meat with parasites, or grains with mold toxins, are also significant food health hazards.

Jeffrey Smith: False Claims Unsupported by Science

Jeffrey Smith has gained fame for claiming biotech foods are dangerous, but  none of his claims are based on sound science. Smith has no discernible scientific training  yet makes 65 such claims in his book Genetic Roulette. Click here for a point-by-point response based on peer-reviewed science.