Dr. Oz Interview with Dr. Martina McGloughlin

Dr. Martina McGloughlin Interview with Dr Oz

Dr. Oz:  Now Martina believes genetically modified foods is safe.  So how do you respond to Jeffrey’s claims that these genetically modified foods have not really been all that well tested and caused the health issues they described?”

Dr. Martina McGloughlin: “Well actually we’ve been genetically modifying foods for thousands of years.  Modern techniques are far more precise, far more predictable, far more controlled than these older studies.  In addition they’re more thoroughly tested than any food or ag process ever in the history of food and ag research.  So to me there have been thousands of experiments done and in fact I’ve been involved in some of those as external reviewers.  There are no tests on conventional crops whatsoever, you can produce them one day and sell them the next day.  Biotech goes through eight to 10 years of research before any of them are commercialized.

Dr. Oz: “Could you help me understand that one study that Dr. Bernhoft mentioned where you had rats that had been fed genetically modified foods and they had those large tumors on them?”

Dr. McGloughlin: “Well if you look at rat kibble that has been fed to test rats for the last 15-20 years a large proportion of that has actually been genetically modified and there’s been no increase whatsoever in the occurrence of spontaneous tumors above what you already expect for this particular variety of rat.”

Dr. Oz: “You’re a mom. (Yes) and you feed your kids genetically modified foods?”

Dr. McGloughlin: “My number one concern is the safety of my family.  No way am I going to feed them anything that isn’t safe and nutritious.  In fact I would probably choose genetically modified foods over other foods to feed to my children because in fact I know that not alone are they safer this is perhaps the most sustainable product system you can find out there.”

Dr. Oz: “So, let me give you some feedback from the FDA we reached out to and the American Medical Association.  They gave us statements.  They believe genetically modified food is safe as you claim. But they support labeling.  Here’s what they have to say, the FDA argued that they support voluntary labeling that provides consumers with this information and has issued draft guidance to industry regarding such labeling.  The AMA said they support the FDA’s science-based approach to product labeling, recognizing that there is no evidence, as you said, that there are material differences of safety concerns in available bioengineered foods.  For the full statements you can go to Dr. Oz dot com.  Whether or not genetically modified foods cause health concerns or not, the reality is my friends that you are probably getting it today.  Should it be labeled?  And that’s really the big question we have to answer this year and what will that end up costing you?  That’s next.

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