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IARC glyphosate cancer review fails on multiple fronts

The International Agency for Research on Cancer Monograph evaluation of certain insecticides and herbicides earns an F grade for failure to consider all the available studies, placing weight on weak and discredited studies (several in the advocacy community are already using this report claiming it is a vindication of the discredited Seralini GMO cancer claims), […]

Reuters’ Gillam earns failing grade, again, for coverage of GMO science issues

Reuters’ Carey Gillam repeated citing of false claims ignores the robust global consensus on the safety of crops improved through biotechnology, earning her another failing grade for accuracy and science journalism.

CNN Health article ignores overwhelming scientific consensus on GMO safety: D-

 Julie Taylor earns a D- for her CNN Health article published via upwave – “Turner Broadcasting’s new lifestyle brand designed to entertain the health into you!”  Taylor writes, “There is no consensus in the scientific community that GMOs are safe, says David Schubert at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies…”  To read Taylor’s article which opens, […]

Grading the Science: USDA’s Economic Research Report & Coverage by Reuters

Grading the Science: USDA’s Economic Research Report A- & Coverage by Reuters D

Feedstuffs Food Link article on GMOs and beneficial insects earns A for science

A LARGE body of literature has shown that genetically modified (GM) plants that produce proteins from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) to protect themselves from insect pests have little to no effect on a wide range of non-target insects.