Dr. Oz Show on the Seralini rat study claims

Dr Oz shows Seralini rats

Dr. Oz: “And there was a recent study that came out looking at rats who were given genetically modified food.”

Dr. Bernhoft: “Well this is a hugely important study.  Seralini’s group fed two years of genetically modified corn to (Sprague-Dawley) rats which are the type of rats that every science experiment uses to study cancer in.  Normally they get about 15 to 20 percent cancer eating normal food.  In his study eating genetically modified food, 80 percent.”

Dr. Oz: “80 percent!  Here’s a picture of some of those rats. These are tumors coming out of these animals?”

Dr. Bernhoft: “Yeh, most of the female rats got breast cancer.  The male rats got inter-abdominal cancer.  There were problems with the kidneys, the liver and the pituitary.

Dr. Oz: “So Jeffrey, if these claims, and they are pretty serious ones, are true, why, how can it be this information is being ignored?”

Jeffrey Smith: “Well the cover up started more than 20 years ago when the FDA’s own scientists repeatedly urged their superiors to require long-term study because they said these foods were dangerous.  They said they could create allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems.  But the FDA policy came out ignoring the scientists saying no safety studies were necessary, no labeling was necessary.  So they ignored the science and now they have what is called kind of tobacco science, short-term animal feeding studies, studies designed to avoid finding problems.   They got bad science down to a science.

Dr. Oz: “Well, Jeffrey and Dr. Bernhoft thank you for joining us.  You’re going to leave the stage now as we’ve agreed on.  Thank you very much, I want to welcome as these scientists leave, Martina Newell-McCloughlin, co-director of the NIH training program for bimolecular technology at U.C. Davis.  Now Martina believes genetically modified foods is safe.  So how do you respond to Jeffrey’s claims that these genetically modified foods have not really been all that well tested and caused the health issues they described?”

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