Dr. Oz Interview with Robin Bernhoft

Dr Oz Interviews Robin Bernhoft

Dr. Oz: “You know in Jeffrey’s documentary he attributes an increase to inflammatory bowel disease, to ulcerative colitis, other gastrointestinal illnesses in this country to genetically modified foods.  Dr. Bernhoft, that’s a pretty bold claim, as a doctor how do you make sense of that?”

Dr. Bernhoft: “Well I agree with Jeff completely. There is an increase in incidence not just in reflux but also in allergies, autoimmunity, asthma, high cholesterol, there’s a wide range of chronic illnesses…”

Dr. Oz: “Let’s just put up one picture up if you don’t mind, this is an image that shows over the last several decades of the incidence of reflux, just one of those you just mentioned, and please describe this to us.”

Health claim link to GMOs by Dr Oz


Dr. Bernhoft: “Alright.  Cause and effect is hard to proof.  However, if you take people off genetically modified foods then things like reflux, type-2 diabetes, allergies and so on improve and sometimes they go away completely.”

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