Dr. Oz Conclusion - How to avoid GMOs

Dr Oz conclusion

Dr. Oz: “We’re back discussing what you can do about genetically modified food today. We took a poll online at Dr. Oz dot com we found that overwhelming 91 percent of you would prefer purchasing non-genetically modified food if you were given the choice.  So if you want to know if your food is genetically modified I believe you should have that right. 

Since I’m not aware of any solid data on long-term effects of genetically modified foods in humans, as you learned today, I prefer to be cautious.  And because it’s not yet required by law, here’s what you can do right now if you want to avoid it. 

First off, go organic.  Organic food is produced without genetic modification and is regulated by the USDA.  You want to look for this label, it will say USDA organic.  And if your food isn’t already labeled organic then you should probably avoid foods that come from one of these five crops: canola, corn, papaya, soy and sugar beets.  Most of these grown in America today are genetically modified so be sure to check your food labels for any of these ingredients because they probably do contain those genetic modifications.  If you want to use non-genetically modified oil for example you can swap out your canola or vegetable oil for olive oil or safflower as these are much less likely to contain genetic modifications. 

And finally, several companies are already using their own voluntary food labeling on non-organic and non-genetically modified products.  For those you can look for a NON GMO Project Verified seal, like this one. You see that one there and you know you’re good to go.  OK, now you know what to look for in your food labels but that’s not all you need to pay attention to, coming up three warning signs that could save your life. You don’t want to miss this.”

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