Mehmet Oz & the Dr. Oz Show

Academics Review responded to an October 17, 2012 airing of the Dr. Oz Show promoting claims by Jeffrey Smith about the safety of foods derived from agricultural biotechnology (GMOs).    The elements of this response included:

  • A letter to Dr. Oz producers prior to the program airing to share concerns about the information being presented and experience of the scientists who did participate in the show.  Click here to read the letter to Dr. Oz Show producers.
  • Response letter signed by more than 100 independent scientists to “highly misleading and inaccurate information” presented by the Dr Oz Show.  Click here to read the scientists’ open letter to the Dr. Oz Show.
  • A transcript with analysis and response from academics to the Dr. Oz program on GMOs.  Click here to read the transcript and response to the Dr. Oz program on GMOs.
  • A resulting detailed analysis of Dr. Oz by Michael Specter, published in the New Yorker.  Click her to read about Academics Review and Dr. Oz in the New Yorker Magazine.