Grading the Science: USDA’s Economic Research Report & Coverage by Reuters

ERS-USDA Research Report:  Grade A-

Academics Review grades USDA ERS GE Crop Report  A-

This detailed report analyzes the impacts of planting GE crops in the US over the past 15 years. The ERS authors present a robust data set illustrated in excellent graphs and tables and organized in a logical topical order that document economic, agricultural and environmental benefits.  The discussion of concerns about GE crops often lacks context and over-simplifies issues which should have been discussed with additional nuance and depth.  A few points were deducted for repeating allegations without affording them proper analysis.

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Conclusion: highly recommended reading.


Reuters Report. Grade D

Academics Review grades Reuters coverage of USDA ERS GE Crop report D

This report on the recent publication by the ERS-USDA “Genetically Engineered Crops in the United States” fails to cover a number of important points and distorts the findings of ERS researchers.  While the bulk of the ERS report provides voluminous well-analyzed data on the positive economic, agricultural, and environmental outcomes of the rapid and widespread introduction of GE crops in the US, the Reuters report portrays the report more as a discussion about potentially harmful outcomes.  

Conclusion: look elsewhere for accurate news reporting on the ERS-USDA report.

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